Grand Lodge of Nigeria

Brotherly Love
By the exercise of Brotherly Love, we are taught to regard the whole human species as one family.
To relieve the distressed is a duty incumbent on all men, but particularly on Freemasons, who are linked together by an indissoluble chain of sincere affection.
Freemasons strive for truth both in their view of themselves and in their dealings with others.

Welcome to Grand Lodge of Nigeria

A warm welcome to the Grand Lodge of Nigeria’s website.  Here you will find relevant information about our programs and activities.  You are always welcome to contact the Grand Lodge of Nigeria and we will endeavour to get back to you promptly, email us at 

Profile of the Grand Master

OCJ Okocha

Most Worshipful Brother O.C.J. Okocha MFR, SAN

Grand Master – Grand Lodge of Nigeria

Full Name: Onueze Chukwujinka JOE Okocha

Date of Birth: 29th June 1953

Place of Origin: Rukpakwolusi town, Rumokoro, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria

Profession: Legal Practitioner and Notary Public

Office Address: Manuchim Chambers Building (3rd floor), 171d Aba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria


Lodge Sublime No 31 GLN (No 1731SC)

Initiated: 2nd July 1982

Installed RWM: 4th February 1991

Lodge Ikwerreland No 39 GLN (No 1762SC)

Founder Member/Charter Secretary: 11th March 1987

Installed RWM: 1st April 1995

Okrika Lodge

Affiliated member: 28th February 1987

Royal Arch Chapter No 3881EC

Joining Member: 4th March 1987

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Scotland

St Lawrence Sovereign Chapter No 189, Port Harcourt

Admitted to 18th 15 September 1990

Most Wise Sovereign: 2002/2003, 2003/2004

St Lawrence Sovereign Council No 70, Port Harcourt

Admitted to 30th – 14th January 1997

Admitted to 31st – 20th March 2010

Admitted to 32nd – 19th March 2016

Admitted to 33rd – 15th April 2017

Grand Commander – 2017/2018

The Royal Order of Scotland, Provincial Grand Lodge of Mid-Western and Eastern Nigeria

Joining Member 2nd March 2006


District Grand Director of Ceremonies, District Grand Lodge of Nigeria (SC)- 1998/1999

Substitute District Grand Master, Rivers/Bayelsa Masonic Area, District Grand Lodge of Nigeria (SC) 2000/2002

Depute District Grand Master, District Grand Lodge of Nigeria (SC)- 2005/2006

Honorary Grand Registrar, Grand Lodge of Ghana – 2008

Honorary Grand Treasurer, Grand Lodge of Scotland – 2010

Provincial Grand Master (Southern), Grand Lodge of Nigeria 2012-2017

Administrator Area 2, Province of Nigeria (Far Eastern), Supreme Council of the Antient and Accepted Rite for Scotland.

Honorary Assistant Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Nigeria – 2018

The Formation

In 1905, the Grand Lodges of Great Britain and Ireland promulgated a concordant, which made it quite clear and unambiguous that in a Masonic district such as ours in Nigeria, in which the three constitutions, England, Ireland and Scotland are firmly established, the three mother Grand Lodges in Great Britain and Ireland will not recognize the formation of any indigenous Grand Lodge unless the three local jurisdictions merge into one. However, this was not to be.

Freemasonry teaches not merely temperance, fortitude, prudence, justice, brotherly love, relief, and truth, but liberty, equality, and fraternity, and it denounces ignorance, superstition, bigotry, lust tyranny and despotism.

Theodore Roosevelt